About Indianapolis Magician Caleb Wiles

About Indianapolis Magician Caleb Wiles

Linking Ring Magazine calls Caleb Wiles “a new star on the magic horizon!” And there is a good reason: Caleb is a powerhouse of an entertainer. You might say that he was born to perform.

But you won’t catch him pulling a rabbit out of a hat or sawing a lady in half. Caleb performs modern magic designed for intelligent audiences. He uses ordinary objects such as cards, Rubik’s cubes, and dollar bills… and you won’t believe what he can do with them.

Caleb has been performing professionally for more than 15 years. These days, Caleb primarily performs at corporate events such as office parties and banquets. He also regularly performs his show at charity events around the Indianapolis area.

Even fellow magicians recognize Caleb as a leader in the field. He is a highly respected creator of new magic effects. He is an accomplished author and a sought-after lecturer. His original tricks are performed by magicians all over the world, including on international television specials. In fact, he was a featured performer on the popular show Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

Don’t miss your opportunity to witness one of the true experts in magic make the impossible happen right in front of your eyes. Make your next Indianapolis event one your guests will never forget!