Indianapolis Corporate Event Entertainment

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Interactive Close-Up Magic

Strolling (or walk-around) magic is perfect for cocktail hour or pre-dinner entertainment. Caleb will circulate the room entertaining small groups with his unique brand of interactive magic.

Your guests will witness the impossible happen right in front of their eyes. In fact, the magic often happens in the viewer’s own hands! Everyone will be buzzing with excitement, amazement, and laughter

  • Perfect ice breaker

  • Easy to add into any event

  • No formal performing area necessary

  • Ideal for when everyone is standing

  • Allows everyone to experience the magic without scheduling a full show


Incredible Magic Shows

If you want magic that the entire group can enjoy together, Caleb’s stand-up magic show is the way to go! These aren’t boring tricks and cheesy jokes. Caleb performs modern magic designed for intelligent audiences.

Using psychology and sleight-of-hand, Caleb performs the impossible. He pushes the limits of the human mind to places you never thought it could reach. The more you think you know, the more you will be fooled.

Treat your guests to Caleb’s powerhouse performance at your next banquet, office party, or corporate event in Indianapolis.

  • Perfect for after-dinner entertainment

  • Fully-customized to your event

  • Entertain all your guests at once

  • People will talk about your event for years to come

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